By default our services include up to 6 beautifully designed pages. Those pages typically include a home page, blog page, and a contact page. The other pages are different for every client but they might be something like: about, info, and/or press, etc. Galleries do not count as a page. With this add on you will get 1 extra designed page totaling 7 pages. Let us know any questions you have about your pages.



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01. LET’S GET STARTED: Once you sign the dotted line below and we receive the first payment of $750 (the total deposit of the first 3 months) for your website, we’ll start the process.

02. DISCOVER AND PLAN: During the first two weeks, we’ll send your brand assignment. The sooner you complete this, the sooner we can start preparing to design your site. Also, to make sure you aren’t surprised at any point during your PSK experience, you will receive our Website On-boarding designed for new customers like you to always stay on top of what our team is doing and beyond.

03. SITE STRUCTURE: 2 days after we receive your brand assignment, we will give you a call to go through the project’s specific details like timeline, action plan, and any add-on feature or insight that may best serves your objectives. Then, we’ll create and send you a site structure, explaining how everything will be organized and linked. We also need to get your content sorted and stored in a shared folder. So you can start collecting the imagery and content you want to portray on your website. By the end of this, we are ready to move to your Design Week. You can decide on the date that you would like to start. It only takes 5 full days to get your website ready.

04.  CREATIVE: This is your exciting Design Week and it comprises everything in Step 4 through 7. During this week, on Monday, you’ll receive 2 design wireframe concepts based on our research and your needs. It’ll include a homepage, about us, services and any special pages such as gallery, blog, or store. Based on your input, we’ll revise the approved wireframe design concept up to two more times. For the logo, you’ll get 3 choices of directions to explore.

05. APPROVE THE DESIGN: If wireframe focuses on the structure, functions and type of content, your website mock-up includes the colors, images, and right content. Think of it as an offline preview of your website. As soon as you sign off on the final wireframe, we will use it to construct your website mock-up. Based on your input, we’ll revise the mock-up up to two more times. We usually ace it the first time around!

06. WE BUILD YOUR SITE: Love your new design? Time to build it! By Wednesday morning, we will finalize the mock-up and we’ll masterfully create a brilliant website design suited to your business. Get psyched as we’ll fire up our engines and build your new site within 2 days.

07. PROVIDE FEEDBACK: After you’ve received the live link, you can request a round of revisions, and we’ll knock ’em out. With your prompt responses, you’ll be ready to launch within the next few days.

08. LAUNCH AND CELEBRATE: We’ll make sure your site is successfully launched within 5 days and give you virtual cheers to your accomplishments and new found confidence in your brand and website! CONGRATULATIONS!

09. TRAINING & MAINTENANCE: One of our friendly web geeks will ring you to schedule a training session on the phone. You will be able to create future pages, upload new content and modify the current website on your own. Of course, we will always be there to take care of these maintenance request so you can focus on your business.



Need anything else? Add on a matching collateral package, mobile site, shopping cart, or a matching blog design. *These are not available a la carte. Must be included in your final payment.



We book our projects in one week increments dedicating 5 full days to your website alone. Dates are first come first serve and are officially reserved once your contract is signed and your first payment is made. *Dates are subject to change and vary based on which platform you choose. *Please note that your 5 part Brand Assignment must be completed one week before your chosen design week. Now booking design weeks for:


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CAN I GET A DISCOUNTED RATE IF I ALREADY HAVE A LOGO? A the logo service is designed as a gift to our clients so that they can have a full service professional finished product. If you already have a logo and don’t want us to refine it, then we will spend that time working more extensively on the design of your site.

WHEN YOU SAY THE DESIGNER WILL RESTYLE THE WEBSITE THEME, WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? We take the Go Live Website theme of your choice and use the images and content that you provide to create a customized site that reflects your brand. The one element that will stay consistent to the theme is the layout. So, choose a layout that you LOOVE! If you have more specific questions regarding this, shoot us an email.

HOW DO I KNOW WHICH DESIGNER I WILL GET? DOES IT MATTER? All of our designers produce the highest quality of work and have been hand-selected by the founder of Go Live, Promise Tangeman. With the best of our knowledge we’ll pair you with the designer that best fits with your goals, style aesthetic, and timeframe.

CAN I GET A DISCOUNTED RATE IF I ALREADY HAVE A LOGO? A the logo service is designed as a gift to our clients so that they can have a full service professional finished product. If you already have a logo and don’t want us to refine it, then we will spend that time working more extensively on the design of your site.

WHAT IF I’M NOT HAPPY WITH MY DESIGN? We have an extremely high success rate! If for some reason you are not happy with the result, simply contact us and we’ll see what we can do to make you a happy customer!.

WHAT HAPPENS IF MY BRAND ASSIGNMENT IS NOT FULLY COMPLETED ONE WEEK BEFORE?  If you’re concerned about making sure you have time to finish your Brand Assignment, no worries! We’ll work with you in booking to reserve a date that gives you more than enough time to comfortably finish your Brand Assignment. But If your content is not 100% complete you lose your deposit and forfeit your date. If that happens, we will book you for the next available date which could be 1-2 months out.

HOW LONG DOES THE RESTYLE TAKE? The actual design week is 5 days. We book design weeks a month or so out giving you plenty of time to complete your branding assignment. Please carefully consider which design week you choose, because we will need you to be available to work with our designer to provide feedback and information quickly.

DO I ALSO GET THE FONTS YOU DESIGN WITH FOR USE IN MY BUSINESS? Typically, fonts require a separate user license and legally we cannot resell them. In many cases, we use free fonts. If we use fonts that require additional licensing, we will share with you where they can be purchased.

WHAT IF I HAVE A SPECIAL FEATURE I’M LOOKING FOR?  If you have a special feature in mind we’d love to hear about it. Please email Ash and let her know what you are thinking/ needing so we see if we can accommodate that. We’ll let you know if its a fit for our Restyle service.

WHAT WILL THE FINISHED PROJECT INCLUDE? You get a finalized logo, fully implemented and launched 6 page website, and a one-hour briefing of how to update your website. Our logo and branding process includes: 3 design directions, 1 final logo of choice, 1 revision, the kit of parts (font suggestions, patterns, or graphics created). Release of the final vector logo and kit of parts in the following formats: EPS, PSD, & JPEG.

HOW WILL MY WEBSITE LOOK ON MOBILE? Both the Squarespace and and Showit platforms are responsive so they will automatically look great on mobile. For WordPress (Prophoto), the site will look exactly like the desktop experience unless you purchase the Mobile Add-On.

WHAT TYPE OF DIGITAL FORMAT ARE MY LOGOS DELIVERED? We provide you with a few different file types: The .psd file is a Photoshop file. The .png has a translucent background that works well for the web. The .jpg file is also a recommended format for the web. Finally, the vector file (.eps) is best suited for print and hi-res or large scale applications.

IS THERE A RETAINER FEE? YES. Once we book your week for you, that means we don’t book anyone else. The 50% retainer fee is non-refundable to make sure that we honor the week we’ve set aside just for you, and for our other clients. Please note the entire project fee must be paid by the start of the design process.

WHAT DO I NEED TO HAVE READY BEFORE I START WITH MY DESIGNER? Our designers create a KILLER a design based around your content specifically (making the website unique to you). We want to do the very best job for you. So, we will need ALL of your content in order to start the design process. We’ll guide you through the steps in our Brand Assignment and that will need to be completed one week before you start with your designer. Your headshots will need to be ready, your portfolio prepped, and your content all written out, etc.

Yes! For shopping carts and e-commerce development we use the Squarespace platform. In our Restyle service we will develop the structure of the shop, complete 3 full product examples, and then show you how to implement the remaining products and variances to complete your shop. Please contact us to discuss the platform’s capabilities and your specific needs.

CAN I PURCHASE AN “ADD ON” ITEM AT A LATER TIME? Because of our streamlined system and simple pricing structure, we ask that all add-ons are included at the beginning in the initial project scope.  This will ensure that our designers are thinking through your brand and it’s needs in it’s entirety to create an extremely cohesive experience for your business.

I’VE ALREADY PURCHASED A DESIGN FROM YOUR SHOP. CAN I GET A DISCOUNT? Our price is just one simple fee for our clients and our designers. If you’ve already purchased a design we can use that one or use a different one, however we do not offer a discount if you have purchased one previously.


falls church psk about team working

WE ARE SO EXCITED TO WORK WITH YOU! Please sign the contract, email it to Ash, and then make your first payment. We’ll respond shortly after we receive your payment to get you set up with the next steps.

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