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We make marketing work for you, not the other way around.

Long story short, PSK Creative exists to help you communicate your messages, connect with the right audiences, exceed your goals, and reach your maximum potential. We combine the art of storytelling with marketing services to solve your communication challenges and allow you to focus on what you love to do or more importantly, what you are best at.

Whether you are looking for support in one specific area or a long-term partnership to outsource all your marketing, count on our team to fuel your success.

Our purpose is to create the simplest, most affordable, and most effective marketing campaigns for everyone.

A team and advice you can trust

Seeing you succeed while doing what you love fires us up. With a solid understanding of your visions and goals, we’ll help you explore the opportunities and possibilities that allow you to achieve more and work less.

Effective marketing made simple

Whether you are looking for ways to get started or marketing firepower to scale, our solutions are designed to give you the clarity, focus, and tools you need to make the biggest impact with confidence.

Better return on investments

For less than hiring an in-house team and buying expensive equipment, you can count on our team of experts to bring your visions to life and deliver the results you’ve been hoping for (without it taking over your life)!

Behind every great leader, brand, and initiative is a well-told story.

Imagine what you could achieve if more people know you, like you, and trust you enough to seek what you offer. You could build a powerful brand. Attract more donations. Create enormous impact on people’s lives around the world.​

Anything is possible when we start sharing messages in ways people understand.

At PSK Creative, we believe that the stories of who you are, what you believe in, and why it matters deserve to be told well. From concept to full production, we will create work that not only turns desired audiences to biggest advocates, but also transforms how you communicate moving forward.

Are you ready to map out where you want to be and strategize a plan to get you there as soon as possible? Let’s get to work.


Your stories, backed by the right plan, team, and resources can create enormous impact on the world. We’re here to help you do what you do, better.

Websites & Digital Engagement

With an integrated approach to online marketing, you will build a foundation for all your communications so you can begin to attract your ideal clients.

Graphic Designs, Photos & Videos

Effective design is not just about  the aesthetics. It’s about finding the best way to share a compelling story — visually, thematically, and interactively.

Event Planning & Execution

Bringing people together is a powerful way to engage your audience and transform them into evangelists. Whether it’s an event for 10 or 10,000, let’s bring your story to life, make your mark, and have a blast doing it.

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You have big goals for the future. Imagine the growth and return on investment you would experience when you can focus all your time and energy doing what you do best! Let us make your marketing less intimidating and more successful.


You have big goals for the future. Imagine the growth and return on investment you would experience when you can focus all your time and energy doing what you do best! Let us make your marketing less intimidating and more successful.

1. Schedule your strategy session

Let’s set up a time for our 30-minute call. You will get incredible value and discover the right strategy that best fits your needs regardless of whether we work together or not.

2. Tell stories effectively

Whether it’s about your website redesigned or a full marketing overhaul, we will provide you the strategies, solutions, and technologies to help you achieve your strategic goals.

3. See your return on investment

We care about you and are committed to your success. You can always count on us to be an extension of your team so that you can focus more on doing what you love.

"I love your work and I love working with you! I liked how easy you made the whole process and what a calming personality you put into your work. You just made it so very easy! Your work is very professional, you are quick with the turnaround and so willing to make sure there is 100% satisfaction. You are a true young master at your craft. Your work can only get better and better as you get older. I will recommend you to anyone and everyone."

Vice President & Sales Manager, Sandy Spring Bank

"I am amazed by the creativity and hard work from every single member of PSK team. Trust me!!!! YOU WILL NOT EVER BE DISAPPOINTED WHEN CHOOSING PSK."


"I have worked with PSK on my professional projects for about 2 years now. They make great websites and graphics services for companies. Great quality work, personal, and affordable would be the three things I would note about PSK."

Vice President, BCLC Global Inc.

"Minh is not only incredibly talented, but incredibly kind. I called him in a bit of a time crunch. Although, the scope of my project was pretty small compared to what he is used to working with, he was kind, prompt, and took extraordinary care of me. He is passionate about taking care of his clients and takes an extreme amount of pride in his work. Highly recommended!!!!"


"We hired PSK to help us create a promotional video for a non profit organization that I work for on the side. PSK was very easy to work with. The team was flexible, provided ample creative ideas for us to consider during the planning and filming process, and were very timely in putting together our video. We were very impressed with Minh's creative eye and especially pleased with how the video came out in the end. We will be using this material for years to come and are very grateful for all of their help. We would not hesitate to recommend PSK to our friends and colleagues."

Gabbie P.

"I’m very thankful for a good experience working with PSK these past few weeks. From logo, gift card to web design, PSK has done an exceptional job at giving all the marketing products a more elegant, professional look and better quality than I have always imagined. A special thanks to Minh for your contribution to my newly open business, I hope your company will continue to grow exponentially and more people will hopefully get to experience this top-notch experience like I did."

Owner, Organic Nail Bar

"The team at PSK is AWESOME!!! They did a fabulous job on our nonprofit's website (Amara Legal Center). They are professional, good listeners, patient, and very easy to work with. They produce stellar results. I highly recommend their services!"

Founder, Amara Legal

Get your free strategy session!

Get your free strategy session!


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