Tips to Overcome Camera Shyness

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The fear generated from being in front of the camera probably falls along the same lines as in-person interviews, public speaking in front of a huge audience, and meeting my significant other’s parents for the first time.

When you want to be your best with so much at stake, the last thing you want is to lose your cool. At PSK, we’ve filmed many people for their videos and the first shot isn’t always perfect! It’s okay to make mistakes, so long as you understand it and improve upon it. Whether it be for video résumés, Skype interviews, or marketing videos, we’ve compiled a list of tips to prevent being camera shy—it’ll gain you confidence you need for that dinner you have with your girlfriend’s relatives next weekend, too.

Before getting on camera, to relieve that pressure:

Tips to Overcome Camera Shyness

  1. Dress to impress. Put together a comfortable outfit and keep jewelry to a minimum. I’m no fashionista, but what you wear can translate into how you feel. If you know you look good, you can’t help but feel good, too, right? This is the easiest way to feel confident! The camera will pick up on that.
  2. Change your mentality. You’re nervous, the adrenaline is pumping through your veins, and you just might curl up and hurl. Great! Use that to give you energy to achieve your purpose, rather than diminish your confidence. Instead of viewing cameras as a fear, view it as a challenge. Also, remember that even famous orators, actors, presidents, all had stage fright.
  3. Don’t come in uncertain about anything. With more knowledge comes more confidence. Do your research about what you’re going to say and do.
  4. You’ve heard this many times before, so I won’t elaborate. But I will emphasize: PRACTICE, PRACTICE, and PRACTICE!!!
  5. Bathroom break. Take some time to be by yourself and away from the hoard of people who are failing to comfort you. In the bathroom, you can be soothed by the symphony of flushing toilets, listen to a few calming tracks on your music player, or do a few breathing techniques.
  6. Skip the caffeine. If you’re like me, coffee is your daily. It may help you stay awake and alert, but it will also produce the epinephrine effect and contribute to more unnecessary heart racing. Avoid salty foods and a massive meal, too, since you don’t want a dry mouth nor a heavy stomach.
  7. Five minutes before you’re on camera? Pick a random four digit number and count backwards by another smaller number. Break your anxiety by interrupting your thoughts. You’re currently frustrated by some math—cameras won’t seem so intimidating.

During filming, to be as natural as possible:

Tips to Overcome Camera Shyness

  1. Keep in mind your posture. Straighten your spine and sit tall. Be in control of your body and make sure you don’t fall back to distracting body movements. Nervous tics will give you away on screen. You’re confident, nothing less.
  2. Let the warmth spread to your eyes. This allows viewers to know you’re genuine. Everyone looks best when they smile, anyway! Again, if you know you look good, you can’t help but feel good.
  3. Pay attention to how you say your words. Every words counts in a short video, and you don’t want people to be stuck on whether you said shows or shoes by the end of it.
  4. And pauses are okay. They can always be cut out. Take the time that you need to drink some water to keep your lips moist and breathe. You’re human! You might not realize that you’re holding oxygen back until it’s too late and you’re gasping for air. And stay calm and collected because you’re doing a fine job.
  5. It’s a casual conversation. Add some eyes and ears and hair to the camera. Imagine you’re having a conversation with your mom. She’s nagging about your posture but at the same time, she’s interested in what you have to say. Do what she says, but show your passion.
  6. You do you. Always be yourself. You want to be as natural as you can. Sure, there’s lots of pressure on you right now, but if you’re going to market yourself, let your personality flourish and the camera will capture that.

After wrapping up, to reflect on your performance:

Tips to Overcome Camera Shyness

  1. Give yourself a pat on the back because you survived! It’s important for you to stay optimistic and carry that confidence on. You did the best you can do for the day and you probably deserve that chocolate mocha frappe that you’ve been craving.
  2. Understand it and let it go. Like I said before, everyone makes mistakes. Look at them as ways for you to improve. Don’t dwell on them and blame them for your performance because that might as well hold you back. Learn from Frozen’s Elsa and, well, you know

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