Amara Legal Center


Amara Legal Center is the only non-profit organization based in Washington D.C., dedicated to providing free legal services for those in need of help to escape commercial sex, regardless of how they got involved.


Inspired by the care and knowledge for every case pertaining to commercial sex, our creative team share the passion, the hearts, and the story of Amara Legal Center through a promo film and a new website


The video

  •  clarify misconception of commercial sex in the video
  • raise awareness and seek donation/ support for their work

The website

  • design a streamlined website that’s easy to use and update
  • ensure privacy of (potential) survivors with functionality across all platforms and devices


The video

The original idea of the video was to have the founder, Stacie, and her colleague, Cara, to raise public awareness. As they shared the story of Lily, our creative team directed, filmed and incorporated footages that portray how survivors are were mistreated, then found hope in their lives.

The website

With the focus on direct navigation and simplified user experience, especially on mobile, together we came up with a better overall layout to present the team and their services. We wanted to make sure that visitors, friends, and clients could easily find what they were looking for based on their interest and not feel overbearing or intimidated.



The video

  • elegantly weaved a client’s story into the video with voiceover narration and what Amara Legal Center did for her, and what can be done with other clients

The website

  • linear website with resources for supporters and clients
  • functional, professional, polished

and a surprising email forwarded by Stacie

“Just saw this Amara email and wanted to let you know that the new website looks so awesome! Trust me, I don’t say that about many sites. So many small nonprofits have terrible sites and don’t prioritize design or user experience. It’s so refreshing to see a great redesign! Just thought I’d tell you that.”


Amara Legal Center’s supporter | Graphic designer

“The team at PSK is AWESOME!!! They did a fabulous job on our nonprofit’s website (Amara Legal Center). They are professional, good listeners, patient, and very easy to work with. They produce stellar results. I highly recommend their services!”

Stacie E. Reimer, Esq.
Executive Director & Founding Partner

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