How to Craft Your Story

So you have decided to market yourself via video!

First of all, congratulation and this will be one of your best investments. You may be wondering where you would start how an effective video is made. Well, let we assure you that you are not alone and many of our clients experience the same circumstance. With our knowledge in crafting scripts, we will share with you our five quick tips on efficient planning.

To organize your thoughts, recall what you learned about essay writing in elementary school and retrieve the 5 W’s: Who, What, When, Where, and Why. This will become your outline.

  1. Organize the people. List names under four different categories: Whom is the story about? Which audience do you want to target? Which clients or employees will you feature in order to capture your story the best? And who will be in the video?
  2. Identify the purpose.What is this story that you’re trying to illustrate? Is the focus on the company, so you’ll want the history of the company to be highlighted? Or do you want the emphasis on the service of the company, so you’ll want positive testimonials from the clients to showcase? The more specific you are about these details, the better you achieve your purpose.
  3. Constantly check the weather. The setting requires more logistical thinking and some research. At what time will the filming take place? Is this the best time of day to shoot for this video? Make sure you are familiar with the sun and weather conditions; you don’t want uncalled rain to spoil the shoot.
  4. Consider all aspects of the setting. At what location will the filming take place? Is this the best area to shoot for this video? Once you’ve determined the location, it is also important to consider the lighting, set design, and audio, like at a desk and away from the sun filtering through the windows.
  5. Never lose sight of the significance. Why is this video being produced? I can’t emphasize this enough. Sure, the video must be cool and eye-catching, but most videographers forget to keep in mind the purpose of it. Without this, you lose the essence of the video, and that makes for an ineffective marketing video. As the scripts are being written and the scenes are being recorded, the significance of the video must always be kept in mind. If you remember this, the video is guaranteed to be genuine.

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