Warm Up Your Holiday Home Decor With Photos!

With the holidays quickly approaching, seems like there’s an endless to-do list. On that list, is probably making your home feel cozy and warm. But who’s got the time to repaint walls or pick out matching curtains with duvet covers?

We love to decorate our living space with printed photos such as holiday themed frames sitting among pumpkins and cinnamon candles, or hanging them with little acorns on a mantel. People think photos can only live inside traditional frames. So we’ll show you how to add that seasonal touch without breaking the bank with photos you already have! Win win.

Warm Up Your Holiday Home Decor With Photos!

Love the colors of changing leaves outside? So do we! Why not bring the beautiful gradient into your home? It’s super simple to put together!

All you need to do is grab a matted print of your photo and get a 1-inch frame. Pick some color leaves from the outside and glue them on the frame. Then bam! Maybe even try taking it another step by incorporating little acorns.


If bright colors aren’t your thing, try this second option. It’s just as simple and beautiful as the first one. Only this time, instead of picking leaves from nature, you can incorporate moss on the frame. Don’t worry, it’s not real. You can can purchase peel and stick versions, found at your local Jo-Ann’s for just $11.


Spice up your entrance by creating a gallery wall for all the guests to enjoy a stroll down memory lane. Accent the gallery with frames of color leaves, add some pumpkins to the entrance table, and you’re good to go!


Here’s another way to spice up the entrance if the gallery is a bit much for your liking. It’s also a great way to remind yourselves or family members what you’re thankful of. ?


Don’t know what to do with your mantel? Here’s a few suggestions that will get your creativity going!


Now that your creativity juices are flowing, you may wonder: “I want some family photos too. Can PSK help?” Why yes! As a matter of fact, we have a limited time Fall promotion for photography. Check it out here: pskcreative.com/november. Happy crafting!


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