The Secret behind Storytelling

Haven’t your heard?

The intention of marketing is no longer to reach out to customers, but rather, have customers come to you. It sounds kind of scary, especially since the power is in the customers’ hands…or is it? Video marketing provides a fun medium for customers to peek into your business. If they’re searching within your industry, chances are, what you have in your one-minute video can make or break their selection.

In an article by Harvard Business Law, the author discusses the rise of digital chief marketing officers (CMOs) and gives five things that they do better than all other job positions. For small businesses, the point that stands out the most is this: shelve the commercial pitch in favor of authentic storytelling. The explanation goes somewhere along the lines of CMOs telling stories and finding others to tell stories for them. They make sure to include the traditional storyline of an exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution. More importantly, the stories are illustrated with “images, video and data.” In words that I cannot find better: “They inspire. They enlighten. They amuse.”

To take advantage of this advice, it is key to understand how to use the data and feedback from your service or product, and write a story from that. The best companies don’t simply sell their products, but rather, they sell a story with a message that relates to customers. In return, their customers tell their own stories, and consequently, a specific community perception of the brand name forms based off them. For example, Coca Cola’s stories are about nostalgia and happiness—and they market that extremely well.

PSK understands this, and incorporates this into the videos that we create. The team’s imaginative creativity allows us to make our videos fresh and tailored to the business. We strongly stand by the idea that videos are more than mere ads; these powerful moving images should illustrate a story. We want to translate your history, your struggles, your inspiration, your achievements, and show others that all of this craft a significant meaning to the business. What do you think about the role of authentic storytelling?

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