Scarlett Tulip

Most people associate a red rose with love. But in the Turkish legend, a red tulip is ultimately the perfect love.

As the Turkish legend has it… a prince named Farhad fell in love with a maiden named Shirin. Upon learning of her death, he was deeply saddened and killed himself. As the droplet of his blood touched the earth, a scarlet tulip bloomed, giving the meaning of perfect love. While most people in America don’t buy tulips to symbolize their love, we certainly enjoy the view of a vast field of colorful tulips.

Portrait photography PSK tulip

We arrived at Burnside Farms, to be greeted with beautiful shades of pinks, reds and yellows immersed between green leaves and blue sky. How could one not fall in love at the spectacular view! As I breathed the fresh air away from the city, I saw absolute bliss among other kinds of love. Families, friends, kids laughing up at the sky… just enjoying each other’s presence and enjoying the sight. We picked flowers, made silly poses… all seemed perfect in this imperfect world. It felt that time has slowed down for us to enjoy the little things in life. To enjoy nature and enjoy each other.

Portrait photography PSK scarlett Tulip

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