Kao Sarn Thai Street Food



Kao Sarn Thai is a newly established restaurant, which run by Chef Arin Lapakulchai who born and raised in Bangkok. She moved to the Washington area and wanted to share her love of cooking and of Thai street food with the American, Vietnamese community of Eden Center, and diverse patrons in the Washington DC area.


The Opportunity

With focusing on the street foods of Thailand, Kao Sarn Thai has competitive advantage and differs from their competitor. They partner with PSK Creative Team to help them completely  with building their brand logo, business card, menu, signage, photos and website.

The Achievement

PSK Team created a casual dining experience, similar to street food experience in Thailand to attract customers to restaurant. From a website to process orders online, or how the restaurant’s space look to social media campaigns, we design everything to make Kao Sarn Thai completely stand out in a very popular Vietnamese shopping center in 2016.


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