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Hello there, it’s Minh and thank you for your interest in joining our family. At PSK Creative, we have a fresh take on career and internships — instead of offering job listings, we invite you to hear our story and help make our vision a reality. If our purposes and hearts align, we will build a position based on your strength and ambition.

Many hearts. One beat.

PSK stands for Progressive Skills, a symbol of who we are and where we are going. We are a team of creative designers and forward thinkers who are driven to make each and every story we tell, the best story we’ve ever told.

We believe that when we empower the right people, who have passions for creative and always put stories first, we can serve clients with a robust blend of quality services and unmatched talents. That’s why we are determined to build an innovative and challenging environment which empowers students and young professionals to realize their full potentials and talents, in order to explore possibilities in a creative field in the Washington Metropolitan area. These are three insights into our culture:

1. Comfort

The foundation of our family is to be comfortable with one another to explore new things, make mistakes, and grow together.


We don’t believe in “going the extra mile” to care for our colleagues, clients, and products because it’s already a part of who we are.


We come together to help each other find new ways to transform our dreams into reality. Whether it’s for our team or clients, we work together to accelerate innovation and inspire for a better future.

What we are offering

In order for us to know if we are a good fit for one another, we invite you to participate in a 4-week internship at our HQ in Tysons Corners area. Once the internship is completed, you will know how we can work together:

  • 4-week internship
  • Roughly 10-30 hours per week
  • After the 4 weeks, both parties can agree to extend an additional 3 months
  • At this point, if it is a paid internship, you’ll be 1099’d as a general contractor.
  • If it’s still going amazing, a formal job opportunity will be offered.
  • Potential areas to intern: Design, Cinematography, Photography, Website Development, Content Writing, Social Media Management, Marketing

Absolute requirements (sorry but no exception):

  • Over 18 (16+ with parental approval) and eligible to work in the U.S.
  • Live in Washington Metropolitan Area
  • Own transportation to the office most weekdays
  • Flexible, dedicated, hungry – this isn’t a clock in – do the work – go home kind of job or company. The whole team is incredible generous and kind, but we work insanely hard. Flexibility, and a do-what-it-takes attitude is a must or you just won’t fit in. Just being honest!
  • Care about telling stories that matter. We mean really care – not just need a job right now. PSK wants to change the world through sharing stories that impact people on a deep level.

Strong preferences (these get you big bonus points):

  • You are a creative, assertive problem solver. You dig in – you take action – you voice your opinion – and you find solutions. As a company, PSK does a remarkable variety of projects, tasks, and stories. We are ambitious and multi-faceted. You’ll wear a lot of hats, but EVERY hat will require you to be an assertive problem solver. If this makes you uncomfortable, that’s a sign this isn’t the perfect fit for you.
  • You love making customers/readers feel like gods and goddesses.You aren’t just polite, you actively look for ways to go the extra mile. This is huge – you won’t be able to fake it. We want a culture where everyone is over-the-moon when they learn from us. If we mess up, we admit it – and fix it double or triple what is owed. Most of our customer service will be done by email – so your ability to communicate through email is a huge asset.
  • Familiarity with online writing, blogging, and/or email marketing.You don’t need to be a popular blogger – however, a basic understand and history with WordPress, Email marketing platforms, analytics tracking, Paypal, editing for the web, etc… will set you apart from the rest of the applicant and give you a huge headstart.
  • Passionate about organization, project management, and personal assistant tasks. We need someone who is detail oriented, can keep a schedule of goals for the department, and can ensure projects are managed well and delivered on time. This can be everything from helping plan a potential travel itinerary, to making a list of actionable items during a whiteboard planning sessions (and logging them into our management system), to asking me (Minh) why I haven’t done that post I was supposed to do today
  • You love the medium of video for storytelling (or you enjoy filmmaking). Every now and then we will record tutorials, shoot content, edit videos, and all sorts of fun film related things. You aren’t required to be an amazing cinematographer. However, you may be asked to help as a PA on our sets. Sometimes this will be as a producer (making sure we stay on schedule, checking off the things we wanted to film, making notes for the editor as we film) – and other times it’ll be “hey grab that light reflector and hold it here for a second.” You’ll enjoy the internship and job much more if this turns your passion on – you enjoy the movie magic – and you’re excited when we go to record and shoot tutorials/videos.

Other notes:

  • Hours can fluctuate at times (within certain days). We’re extremely fair, but sometimes we may have an all day shoot, somedays (most days) we may work out of the main office, and some days we may work on set (or from home). You’ll need to be able to be flexible to fit into the team well. You’ll be paid fairly, on-time, and for all your effort – but there’s no bell that rings and everyone lines up to clock out. With your help planning – we should know about most long shoot days and other weird days are. If you have a particular life situation that only allows you to available during a specific window – this may not be the right internship opportunity.
  • You’ll learn a ton – in a short time. If you’re looking to learn more about content creation, emailing, blogging, filmmaking, working on a team, building something that matters, doing epic things you didn’t think were possible, etc… You’ll get that here. It’s on of the biggest perks of the opportunity. We learn and move quickly.
  • If you haven’t read every word on this page, stop what you are doing and scroll back and read every word. It’s super important you feel this is an AMAZING fit. Not just a job — an “Oh my god this is me! This is me!” type of job.

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