3 Ways to Boost Blog Traffic Through Effective Content Writing

Blog traffic plays an important role in boosting your SEO, simply because it brings your website rank up in search engines. The question is, how do you improve your blog views? At my internship in PSK as a website development specialist, I self taught a few tips and have successfully applied them to our website. Below are my top 3 tips to increase your blog views.

1/ Write integrated content.

Everyone likes to read something that widens our knowledge without digging through too many details. Integrated blogs provide a collection of tips, samples, or templates through which readers can skim quickly and grab the information that’s relevant to them (like this one). According to a Google Analytics survey, 7 out of 10 blog sites that has the most views contain integrated blogs – blogs with titles such as, “10 WordPress Tricks That Not Many People Know Of” or “16 Sleek and Clean Photography Websites”.

2/ Provide in-depth insights.

Switch things up by writing in-depth blogs. It shows your credibility and knowledge through insightful analysis and business-oriented content; offer valuable tidbits or practical information for your target readers. While this requires a lot of time and effort from your part, it will bring a lot of benefits to the readers. Remember that blog readers only read your blog if it offers them information that can solve their problems. For example, blogs like “Content is King – What to write to boost your SEO?” or “Wordpress Contact Plug-in: A Review” offer valuable insights to your readers.

3/ Share personal inputs and experiences.

Your authentic writing style is what will make your blog stand out. Sharing your perspective and experiences about the issue discussed in your blog let readers understand your values and beliefs. Whether they agree or disagree with you, this creates an interactive environment that encourages readers to share their own opinion. Such blogs have proven to be very effective in increasing blog traffic and brand loyalty.

I hope that these 3 tips will motivate you to improve your blogs effectively and boost your blog and website traffic. Happy writing!


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